What is Google voice ?

By Prince Mukesh, June 23, 2017

Google Voice
Google is a popular name, but so many members don’t know about Google Voice.

Today I am writing a blog to tell u about “Google Voice

Google Voice is a part of Google family which is added on the date March 11, 2009. Google Voice is a telephony service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging.

Eight years ago it started but recent updates of Google Voice in android mobile is really awesome.Now Google is using Google Voice icon at end of search bars at right side to improve search accuracy, simple and to make people very lazy.

Recently I updated my Google Voice in Android mobile after that results are really awesome, now Google Voice is performing so active than before.

As compared to Microsoft Cortana I preferred Google Voice because it can use easily because it is very easy to understand and easy to use.And it is in every Google app search box.

when I’m using Google Voice

I asked to “set alarm?”

it said that “sure what time? Is the Alarm”

I told “6:30 Am”.

it said “ok 6;30 Am, setting the Alarm”

Like above step, u can set reminders also.

Google Voice can access ur all application in mobile

suppose I asked Google Voice to open WhatsApp

in a second it opened Whatsapp

And I asked Google Voice to open Facebook

in a second it opened Facebook

Later I asked Google Voice to search top coffee shops near me.

it opened nearest top coffee shops in a google chrome

u can ask anything to Google Voice it will do it level best, u can ask any application to open in mobile,u can ask way’s how to go then it will show map and navigation route to go and that voice guide u to reach that point.

Previous I have my pet name as Johny, I love Johny a lot because it does what I tell and loves me too.

Now Google Voice became like my pet and best friend, it is giving information what I need, and helping me a lot, if I ask to tell a joke means it is telling.when I am in bore I asked to play melody songs, it is playing automatically.

I love Google Voice a lot now.

As much as plus points Google Voice having minus points also.

In that main thing is security, keep in mind you are giving rights for Google to access all ur mobile, with this Google can see all ur personal data like messages, contacts, chats, pics other apps link between u and ur purchases everything.

Finally, Google is saying that we are asking all privacy permissions to improve our service on Google Voice.
Anyhow, how many positive’s is there that much negative’s is also is there, think twice or thrice when u are installing Google Voice app in ur mobile.

In future Updates of Google Voice do people very very lazy by telling smart work in our front.

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